Sunday, April 13, 2008

Welcome to Serioja

Once more we become a large family of four. We adopted a one year old baby boy Chihuahua.

Evan and I would like to reassure Oshrat, Dovid, Menachim, and Levi that Serioja is in safe hands and we both would do our utmost to love him and take care of him.

Serioja came with a pet name, Snoopy. We changed it to Serioja just to avoid undermining his strong and distinguish personality, as well as to be a sweet reminder of this stage of our life.

I chose the name Serioja in the memory Anna Karenina’s little boy whom Anna was forced to abandon, as a reminder and as a token of my compassion for all those who, under circumstances, are forced to make an “either /or” choices to which no one should ever be subjected. Anna and Serioja’s last meeting, and their last good-bye, is an amazing and memorable event in the world’s literary history. The choice of name was not only the memory of that great loss, but also to acknowledge Oshrat’s pain as well as her courageous decision to make the choice she made.

Serioja is a very special little one, though shy and a little nervous like most Chihuahuas. He is not a pretty dog like Mercutio and Ginger. He is not as handsome as our previous dog, Bill Clinton, though he has some of his Doberman look. As a matter of fact, he looks like a little devil, with his pointed ears, his tail curling up, and his urge to stand on his feet. He is also extremely smart, like a devil, and likes attention like a devil too. Within just a few days, he became house-broken and already knows the way home. He is very mischievous and wants to play all day.

Omar Khayyam, on the other hand, is extremely alert and I hope very soon will learn that we love him even more than before, only he needs to learn to be more compassionate. So far, no trace of anything even close to love and compassion, but gee, something like an extreme jealousy, if you know what I mean! But I’m sure the miracle of love will eventually work.

And on a final note, he does not like Evan at all, and growls at him when he comes close. That is very strange since Evan has been very popular with children and pets.


Anonymous said...

I love this boy! Noushin

Anonymous said...

I love this special creature of the Nature, most lovely and sweet. The little "sheitan" - with "big" heart and courage.