Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Listen to the Silence by Diane Babayan

Listen to the Silence
Diane Babayan
translation: Mina Zand Siegel

Listen to silence

It is there, all aound

Away from your sight

It is in full bursting

Conceived to give life

Like an egg to be hatched

Transparent and fragile

But strong for its form,

A perfect curve

That repeats itself,

For eternity.

Listen to silence,

That will talk to you

If you lend it your ears

It will retell you your life

What has happened

In the course of time

Without ever stopping

But it will sow its story

From the time past 

To the future

Over the path of your memory

Listen to silence

And you will hear the life

Of yours
And of others

Those buried treasures

Under the mountain of noise

The wastes of wars

Of lies and deceptions

Listen to silence

And you would be able to save the life

And others’

Who hear nothing but the noise

These sounds that imprison 

The silence of life.

By Diane Babayan

Toronto, April, 30 2004

Translated: Mina Zand Siegel

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Xagros said...

Great as usual, and too long too! :) thanks Khaleh.